I'm a bearded Oklahoman with eyebrows as strong as Beyoncé's thighs. I take long strolls through the great outdoors/aisles of record stores, and I'm seduced by folk music.

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  • Top six sex positions and top six famous birds.

    Asked by Anonymous

    Top 6 sex positions

    1. The NFL QB-Center exchange
    2. The minivan 
    3. The snowmobile
    4. Spelunking 
    5. The Stone Cold Stunner
    6. Erasing the chalkboard

    Top 6 famous birds

    1. The bird Randy Johnson killed with a fastball
    2. The bird in Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Free Bird’
    3. The Maltese Falcon
    4. Darkwing Duck
    5. The middle finger
    6. The birds on the hoods of Trans Ams in the 70s.
    Top 6 nascar drive racers.

    Asked by Anonymous
    1. Jimmy Johnson
    2. James Earl Jones
    3. Stephen King
    4. Tony Stewart
    5. Ricky Martin
    6. That Tom Cruise movie where he plays a nascar driver. 
    Top six places

    Asked by Anonymous
    1. Record stores
    2. My house
    3. Laura Marling concerts
    4. The outdoors
    5. the drive-in movies
    6. Any place I can buy a Reeses. 
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